North Texas NICU Run

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  •  We have set the ride for proceeds to benefit NICU families in need in the Denton area. 
  • Our ride will start at Cycle Center of Denton ( ) and end at The Dive in South Denton ( ). Other stops include: The Mule Barn in  Justin, TX ( ), Torchy's Taco in Denton ( ), and Lowbrow's Beer and Wine Garden ( ).
  • Registration is from 10:45am to 11:45am on site if you did not register online. It will be a traditional poker run with everyone drawing one card from the deck at each stop. However, there will be a game of skill to get your last card! The top hand will win the grand prize from our sponsors and the worst hand will be given a voucher for free registration to our next event.  Each person will get one hand to play with the option of buying a second hand for $10.00. Second chance at a last card available as well!
  • A map, poker hand sheet, and other instructions will be given to all bikers/riders at Cycle Center of Denton when you register. Click on the photo above to preregister. For any comments or questions before the event, please email us at

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Sign up online to skip the registration line and be entered in a drawing to play a free second hand of cards. 

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